Yesterday I went on a hike with Youlendree and Harri(see here).

Yesterday I met Harri.


I had noticed Harri before, and bumped into her a couple of times(as she hangs out with Youlendree), but this was the first time I ever got to ‘meet’ her.


Harri has a distinct nature in the sense that Harri is always Harri.

Harri is not 'somebody else'

But Harri is not nobody.


On our hike, we spent most of the time getting extremely existential about many things… although,  despite the fact that this is often a silly habit of mine:

When you are with the right people

in the right environment…


You know what you are saying isn’t bullshit.


And that’s what Harri is not.

Harri is certainty.

Harri is truth.

How she is, is who she is.

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